Kafue By All Means

There are few wildlife reserves in Africa that can offer you the variety of activities that the Kafue can! From exploring the mighty Kafue river by boat at sunrise, to walking through the open plains, amongst the wildlife and birds of the region, to tracking down the larger game whilst on vehicle based safaris, to sitting and relaxing, camera in hand at our photographic hide. There really is something for all here, and as one guest eloquently put it recently ““The wildlife viewing is so good from camp, you will have a hard time tearing yourself away from the deck!”

Safari Highlights

Day 1

The beauty of the Kafue is that you are not solely restricted to the vehicle for your safari activities! In fact, the Kafue is one of the few wildlife destinations where you can view game by so many means, from game drives, to photographic hides, to walking safaris and boat excursions. If the variety of activities on offer is not enough for you then you can always just sit back and relax the view from camp, with a cold drink in one hand and your binoculars in another!

Day 2

Often dismissed by guests as a ‘throw-away’ activity, the boat is arguably the finest way to view big game. Aside from the tranquility and serenity of being on water, it is cool and relaxing (a relief in the hotter months of the season!) and is a fantastic wildlife viewing and photographic experience. The low angle the boat gives you (we have 2 very stable hulled boats) makes for exceptional images, not just of the stunning birdlife on show, but also the hippo, crocodiles, and if lucky, the leopard which tend to skulk the banks in the hotter months…

Day 3

Although all the activities on offer offer something a little different, there is nothing quite like spending an afternoon and evening ‘out’ in the bush on a game drive. The ability to cover a little more ground than maybe a walking safari and with the more habituated nature of game to our vehicles allows us to get up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Musekese area. After quenching your thirst for the bigger game animals and utilising the ‘magic hour’ light for photography there is nothing quite like enjoying the infamous ‘sundowner’ drink, a cold refreshment to wash down the memories of the day whilst watching the day come to an end on another day in Africa.


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Phil & Tyrone have created a heaven in the Kafue

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