Birds, Bees and Vistas

The ‘green’ season is the most vibrant and colourful time of year to be on safari! The combination of baby animals, arriving migratory birds and spectacular scenery make this 5 night trip something not to be missed out on, especially for those wanting to see Africa in a different light to the norm. A photographers dream, the light is indescribably beautiful and the sheer variety of potential photographic opportunities are endless, from our resident colony of skimmer birds to the bambi-like baby impala who are often pursued by our resident collection of predators.

Safari Highlights

Day 1

October, November and December are the 3 most colourful and vibrant months in the African bush… With building clouds and the anticipation of the oncoming rains, 5 nights spent at Musekese Camp at this time of year is very rewarding from many aspects, not least the scenery and the plethora of colours that emanate from the skies!

Day 3

Spending time on the river at this time of year can throw up some remarkable sightings, this certainly is the time of year for the more ‘unusual’ critters to strut their stuff… Birding is spectacular in these months, the resident birds are coming into their breeding plumage and are being joined on a daily basis by the migratory birds too, from as far afield as Russia!

Day 5

And if the colours and the beauty and the birds are not enough of you, then the birthing baby animals should be! The sight of impala fawns struggling to find their feet and wandering around like real life bambies, with their comical bleating calls is something to behold. This captivating time of plenty is also a wonderful time of year to see the predators of the Kafue, who take advantage of all the new additions…


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The wildlife viewing is so good from camp, you will have a hard time tearing yourself away from the deck!

- Leslie