Big Game, Bigger Variety

Spending 5 nights nestled into an intriguing and remote area of northern Kafue will offer you the very best chance to see plenty of big game, but even bigger variety. Our seasonal bush camp at Ntemwa-Busanga gives access to the wonderfully diverse woodlands and plains of the Musanza, Moshi and Busanga Plains. With the diversity of habits comes a plethora of wildlife species, from dimunituve duiker to leaping lechwe. Here we focus on vehicle based activities, the expansive landscapes are best explored by covering a little ground, from the papyrus swamps in the north to the leopard adorned acacia scrublands closer to camp.

Safari Highlights

Day 1

Welcome to your home for the next 5 nights! Ntemwa-Busanga Camp (or NBC) is our new seasonal bush camp in the north western sector of the Kafue! With just 4 guest tents, this rustic yet comfortable set-up harks back to the exploratory safari adventures of yesteryear…

Day 3

A day trip is the best way to get deep into the Busanga Plains, with the best chance to cover many kilometres and see as much of the wildlife and the many vistas which are on offer in this remarkable and boundless grassy plains system.

Day 5

Your last day at NBC should be spent getting to grips with the area around camp, the famed Musanza woodland and associated grasslands. The prolific and contrasting habitats of the Ntemwa/Musanza area are one of the best places to find the elusive leopard and particularly ‘Buttercup’, a resident young female who has a certain pen-chance for raiding the kitchen for Butter!


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The guiding was excellent and Phil and Tyrone do everything to make your stay sensational.

- The Campbell’s