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One of the best aspects of our safaris is the variety of activities; whether it’s a love of birds, water, big game or just wanting to feel a little closer to the bush, we’re here to help you plan your safari, make it your trip and your memories.

Our Activites

including but not limited to:

Game Drive


Whether you’re an early riser or enjoy the beautiful vistas at sunset, a game drive is the classic way to experience the animals in their natural environment.

Available at both camps

All Day Drive


Taking advantage of our location, an all day drive is a fantastic way to really explore the vast plains of Busanga. From big to small, there is always something to see.

Available at Ntemwa-Busange Fly Camp

Walking Safari


Walking is one of the best ways to explore your surroundings, whether you are a keen naturalist or wanting to stretch the legs a little! Walking places an emphasis on the smaller things that might be missed from a vehicle, but there is every chance of big game encounters! We started out as a walking camp, and there are miles and miles of bush to explore!

Available at both camps

Boating Safari


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! The clear, unhurried waters during the early morning or late afternoon is one of the ‘must do’ activities on the Kafue. Big cats and elephant are common occurrences and the waters provide perfect conditions for bird lovers.

Available at both camps

Birding Walk


A casual amble around the surrounds of the camp, armed with binoculars (which can be provided) and one of our knowledgable guides. We have some fantastic treats for both ornothologists and nature lovers.

Available at Musekese Camp

Planning Your Safari

Our job is to make sure you have the very best safari. To do so we need to talk! Get in touch and help us better understand your requirements and offer as much assistance as we can to help plan your perfect safari.

We are proud of the variety of activities we can offer, and with a number of professional guides, vehicles and boats, we are able to create unique experiences for our guests even when the camp is full.

No activity will ever have more than six people, and so you can be sure that you will be able to get the most out of your guided experience and for you to have a more inclusive and unique safari. One that will create lasting memories.

    It's as easy as 1,2,3

  • 1

    Start off with the time of year and length of time you'd like to spend with us, we can accommodate people for a few nights or a few weeks.

  • 2

    Think about your passions and what you'd like to really get out of your experience, for some it's the chance to see the big cats, for others it's the chance to be in complete silence on the river looking out to the sunset.

  • 3

    Contact Us! We can't emphasise this enough, we're not just trying to sell you a safari, we're trying to create a memorable experience for you based on what will make you happy!

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The real Africa is hard to find, but if you wish to find it, it is within and around this wonderful place.

- Joe, Cork