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A Brief History

Jeffery & McKeith Safaris are a small, owner run safari company based in the Kafue National Park, Zambia. Phil & Tyrone, the founders, started the company with humble beginnings, initially organizing bespoke walking trails through the Kafue region and offering logistical support and guiding to wildlife and documentary filmmakers.

From here the aim was to set up a bush camp in an area of the park where the company could make a positive difference. This was not a simple task! Absolutely no infrastructure existed in the Musekese region and so with the help of a team of locals, many of whom make up the staff today, they set about making a road into the area in order to get people and supplies in!

After this they were able to explore the region further, setting up camera traps and really getting a sense of the area itself, which included many, many kilometres of exploring!

Thanks to the vastness of the Kafue and the remoteness of both Musekese & Ntemwa-Busanga, you will have an experience unlike any other in Africa.

building the Musekese Camp

Kafue National Park

The vast Kafue National Park in western Zambia remains one of Africa's last true wilderness areas - covering some 22,500 square kilometres it is comparable to the size of a small country! Kafue is Zambia's biggest and oldest National Park, largely untouched by development and thus it remains a unique and pristine wilderness with magnificent scenery, game viewing and bird watching; still today some two thirds of the Park remain designated as Wilderness Area where only walking is allowed.

This pristine wilderness is made up of an incredible collection of diverse habitats; from the remote and seasonally inundated Busanga swamps in the north, through the central miombo woodlands and dambos, to the more sandy southern plains - not to mention the evergreen woodlands that line the banks of the mighty Kafue River and its tributaries. More diverse than any park in Africa, the wildlife of the Kafue is as numerous as it is varied, with an abundance of big game including elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and even cheetah. The Kafue is also home to one of the last remaining viable populations of the rare and endangered African wild dog.

With 19 species of antelope, the Kafue is also a great place to find some of the less common ungulates, including Lichtenstein's hartebeest, Defassa waterbuck, puku and red lechwe. Other species such as eland, roan, sable, oribi and blue wildebeest are present, to name but a few. In addition to the antelopes there is a plethora of other unusual wildlife with pangolin, bushpig, side-striped jackal, honey badger and numerous species of the playful mongoose family making up megafaunal diversity unrivaled anywhere in Africa. Although the mammalian diversity is impressive it pales into insignificance when considering that the Kafue is home to almost 500 species of bird, a similar number of grass species, and a whole host of smaller flora and fauna, including a number of endemic but rarely seen plants and animals.

the beauty of the Kafue

Your Hosts


Phillip Jeffery

Phil was born in Zimbabwe but spent the first few years of his life in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. He has spent his life in the bush, and his knowledge and passion for Zambia’s flora and fauna is extensive. This is most evident in the Kafue National Park where he has worked for the past eleven years in many different capacities, including working with the Department of National Parks & Wildlife in mapping the Kafue under a project for the newest Management Plan.

Phil has been involved in guide training for a number of years and alongside his father, Richard Jeffery (a wildlife consultant and pilot) is highly respected in the field and one of the best young guides in Zambia. He is a keen amateur photographer and recently obtained his private pilots license in the hope that it may someday contribute to conservation in the Kafue National Park.


Tyrone McKeith

Having been brought to Zambia and the Kafue since he was five years old, Tyrone’s safari and wildlife knowledge is superb. Before setting up JM Safaris, Tyrone managed and guided at camps in the Luangwa Valley as well as the Kafue, most notably on the Busanga Plains, from where he regularly contributes to wildlife and safari forums, bringing to people’s home pages the wonders of the Kafue National Park.

Tyrone has given talks to interested audiences at some of London’s largest travel shows, and as a result has spoken at Eton College’s Shackleton Society. An avid photographer and fisherman, there are fewer young men you will meet with such an insatiable appetite for what he does and the place he calls home. Tyrone is also hugely enthusiastic about wildlife all over the continent and has extensive knowledge of it!

Our Guides

Along with Phil & Tyrone, Ephy and Ason have been handpicked for their exceptional people skills, extraordinary knowledge of the Park, its flora and fauna, and their passion for wildlife and conservation


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The real Africa is hard to find, but if you wish to find it, it is within and around this wonderful place.

- Joe, Cork